The Black Swan on Lake Balaton - Romeo Couti

The Black Swan on Lake Balaton - Romeo Couti


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The Black Swan on Lake Balaton. Victor Orban and an Acknowledged Obsession This book was written in the context of a complicated international situation and tense political and diplomatic relations between Romania and Hungary. The volume contains a series of interviews with prestigious specialists on Hungarian issues, from relevant fields (foreign policy, intelligence, diplomacy and media) who have formed the "group of 12 voices". There is also a "13th voice", the author’s outside voice, detached from the analyses presented and which is found in the "Reporter's Diary". From the outset, one of the contributors pointed out to me that a book about Viktor Orban, written in the form I had conceived, is "lurking" in two dangers: either to give the impression of a small but vehement "pack" type group, which is throwing itself at "poor" Viktor Orban, or to lead to the idea that the "voices" creating the text are, in fact, directed or manipulated by the author Romeo Couti. The reader will appreciate the extent to which I have managed to avoid these pitfalls. The Black Swan on Lake Balaton offers a perspective on a subject that is increasingly difficult to manage by the power in Bucharest and dangerously often approached only in the key of interests and political alliances of the moment: TRANSILVANIA. - Romeo Couti Editie in limba engleza.



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