Magic Circles - Arundell Overman

Magic Circles - Arundell Overman


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Magic Circles is your guide through the grimoires, those old and mysterious books of magic. Here we will study the Heptameron of Peter De Abano, The Discoverie of Witchcraft, The Lesser Key of Solomon, The Grimoire of Pope Honorius, The Grand Grimoire, Magia Naturalis et Innaturalis, and the Al Ghoul system as well. Learn how to evoke angels, demons, and fairies, create a magic wand, and your own magic circle based off the formulas in the old grimoires. The keys of Power, such as fasting and temporary celibacy are also discussed. Dozens of magical circles created throughout the last 800 years are explained in detail, along with the images and sigils of the spirits to be invoked. Also shown are the authors own magic circles and tools, records of evocation experiences, and much more.



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