Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Clare Dowling

Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Clare Dowling


Pret: 24.00 RON

Clara's been away for too long. So, after ten great years in London, and with boyfriend Matthew in tow, she arrives home in small-town Castlemoy. The family welcomes her with open arms: her diet-shy mother, her closet-living sister and her actor brother who scratches a living doing voiceover ads for chicken. Not everyone is delighted to see her, though. Jason, her long-ago ex, seems to have old scores to settle. Soon Clara finds herself being watched, followed and manipulated from afar. How can she make him stop? And as Clara's dreams of happily-ever-after begin to shatter, will she be able to wrestle her life back?



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    "a￯n incona￯tient, nimic nu ia sfa￯ra￯it, nimic nu trece, nimic nu se uita￯."

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